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Summary of Books 

By Richard J. Greene

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Death of Innocence

This mostly fictional story covering the years 1859 to 1870 is based on true events and actual people of my family that survived one of the most troubled times of our country, the Great Civil War. A war that claimed countless lives of young men that fought the battles, and the lives of many innocent non combatants as well. 


Wade Garrison's Promise

Wade Garrison is a young man who grew up on a farm in South Carolina, but the cheap western novels he read as a child compels him to go out and seek his own adventures. His dreams land him in eastern Colorado, where he finds employment on a ranch and becomes best friends with a man named Emmett Spears. Wade is soon faced with the harsh realities of the west when Emmet is gunned down in a saloon by four strangers. Leaving the love of his life and everything he has known behind, Wade sets out to avenge the death of his friend and bring the killers to justice.



God's Coffin

God's Coffin by Richard Greene is the second book in his Wade Garrison series and is set six years after the events of Wade Garrison's Promise. Although Wade made good on his promise of revenge for the cold-blooded murder of his friend Emmett Spears it was an act that took a big toll on him. After leaving Harper, Colorado behind to become a Deputy Marshall in Santa Fe, Wade is living a simple life with his wife Sarah and six-year-old son, Emmett. However, the past catches up with him when he is sent back to Colorado to assist his old friend, Seth Bowlen, with some trouble that is brewing in the town of Sisters. 


Project Name

Atonement is the fittingly titled sequel to God's Coffin and follows Wade Garrison as he leaves everything behind to protect his family. Unlike the big gap in time between Wade Garrison's Promise and God's Coffin, the events in Atonement are set directly after the events of the second novel.  God's Coffin introduced us to Wade Garrison as a more mature family man with a wife and child but also showed us what happens when those he loves are threatened. 



Wade Garrison ~ The Last Ride

After his brush with death Wade Garrison has kept his promise to God and his wife never to pick up a gun again. However, when bank robbers kill his old friend Sheriff Harry Block, and everyone turns to Wade for justice, he has a difficult choice to make.

The Last Ride is set a year after the shocking events of Atonement and sees Wade living a simple life with his wife and children on his ranch. His peace is shattered when bank robbers kill the Sheriff of Harper and ride off with the town's money. Wade is torn between keeping his promise never to pick up a gun or take a life again but worries that his son will think that he is a coward if he doesn't go after the bandits.


Feeding The Beast

Set in the 1950’s, thirty years before the term ‘serial killer’ would exist, Richard J Greene’s book is gripping in both its plot complexity and its investigatory thrill.

Detective Dan Morgan has plenty of internal demons to battle, but this particular demon is real and grows ever more demanding for its own battle. The teenage girls the killer slaughters are oddly treated -- staged, with a missing finger. The treatment of the bodies after death show an eerie tenderness, which is contrasted sharply by the immense violence during the murder itself. 



The Last Time I Saw My Dad

This is the true story of the last time I saw my Dad during the spring of 1961.  The short story is full of memories of the summers I spent in Houston, Texas at my Dad's bar while in my early teens. 

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