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Feeding The Beast

In 1951 the term Serial Killer did not exist, neither did cell telephones, computers and television were in their infancy. It is a spring night in Denver, Colorado, a light rain has fallen and the discovery of the body of a young teenage girl is found in a dark alley on the lower west side. The investigation into the murder of this young teenage girl by Denver Homicide Detective, Dan Morgan and his partner Jack Brolin quickly turns to surrounding cities. As the investigation continues, Dan’s suppressed memories of the murder of his identical twin brother thirty-one years ago begin to surface. If that is not enough, the killer tauntingly calls him at Police Headquarters. To help in the investigation his Captain calls on a Professor Pappel to help Dan and his partner understand what sort of monster they are dealing with. As the days and weeks fly by and the bodies continue to turn up around Denver, Dan Morgan discovers why the killer is taunting him.

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