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Wade Garrison ~ The Last Ride

Wade Garrison was tried and acquitted for murder and then shot in the chest in the courtroom by a friend of the man Wade was accused of killing. Going in and out of a coma for days, Wade promised God that if he would let him have more time with his wife Sarah, and their children, he would never pick up a gun, or kill another man as long as he lived.


A year has passed since that fateful day, and Wade has kept his promise to both God and Sarah. While he missed the life of a United States Marshal, Wade Garrison was happy with his simple life on his ranch near the small town of Harper, Colorado. All that changed when three men robbed the Harper Bank killing his old friend Sheriff Harry Block. When asked to help track down the three men, recover the money and bring them back for justice, he refused saying, “I don’t do that anymore.” Thinking the town and his son would think him a coward, Wade searched for a way out of his promise to God.

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