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Wade Garrison's Promise

This is the story about a young man form South Carolina that leaves home in search of the adventures he read about in novels of the west. However, the adventures he sought came only in the form of hard work on the Circle T Ranch,  a large cattle ranch on the plains of eastern Colorado working for a man named Tolliver Grimes. The young man whose name is Wade Garrison soon becomes best friends with another young man named Emmett Spears, who also works at the Circle T Ranch.


After Emmett Spears is gunned down in a saloon in Harper, Colorado by four drifters, Wade Garrison makes a promise while standing over the grave of his friend that he will hunt down and bring those responsible to justice. He sets out tracking the four men across the plains of Colorado to a remote cabin in the Rocky Mountains and a scene so terrible it sickens him. Wrongfully arrested by Sheriff Frank Wells for what Wade found at the cabin, he is soon rescued by another lawman Seth Bowlen who proves Wade's innocence. 



After his release from jail, Wade teams up with Sheriff's Seth Bowlin, Frank Wells, and buffalo hunter Gil Robinson. Together they trail the men Wade is after deeper into the Rocky Mountains,  then south over Raton Pass into New Mexico, and into Mexico. 


Wade was not prepared for what he and the others would discover along their journey, he would return to Harper, Colorado a changed man.


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