Richard Greene

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Wade Garrison was a simple man, who as a young man came west chasing the stories he had read about in cheap western novels while growing up on a farm in South Carolina. He was not a violent man, and like most men of humblel beginnings, he held his name and promises in high regard. 

Watching the pine coffin containing his friend Emmett Spears' lifeless body lowered into the dark grave, Wade made a silent promist of revenge. It was a promise that would take him far from Sarah Talbert, the girl he loved, and the Circle T Ranch where he worked on the eastern plains of Colorado.

But, as young Wade Garrison trailed the four men responsible for his friends death, he would soon find himself unprepared for the death and violence he would find. He was unaware that in fulfilling his promise to avenge Emmett Spears, he would lose himself in the porcess.