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Making of Wade Garrison's Promise

After I finished my first book, 'Death of Innocence' and the winter months came I decided to try my hand at writing another book. What do I write about I asked myself. I thought about writing a book about a serial killer that was a hit man, involving a detective in Denver.


After a couple of tries, I changed course and decided to write a western and put four serial killers into the life of an ordinary cowboy, two aging sheriff's (for their line of work), a buffalo hunter, and an Indian. It was fun developing the characters and taking them from the plains of Colorado into the Rockies, over Raton Pass into New Mexico, and into Mexico on the trail of these four murderers.


The danger or problem with inventing people is you come to like them. So when I finished this book, I started a third titled God'sCoffin, and that was followed by Atonement.

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