Richard J Greene Richard J Greene Richard J Greene Photo taken 2007 for first book Death of Innocence. 76380550 Richard Greene Photo taken 1970, Portland, Oregon. 121321007 Navy Years Graduation from Yeoman School, San Diego, Caliornia. I am first on left of second row. 121322701 Belle Grove The ship I served on from May 1957 to June 1960, the USS BELLE GROVE LSD-2. Landing Ship Dock which was a personnel carrier for landing troops. 121321011 Belle Grove Ships history and Data. 121321012 Water Detonation One of many Nuclear Weapon Devices witnessed in the South Pacific during the 1958 deployment of the Belle Grove. 121321009 Certificate Operation Hardtack, 1958. 121321015 Certificate Member of the Atomic Vetrans Association. 121321010 Richard Greene Photo taken off China coast in 1959 203533472 Richard Greene Photo taken 1957 Long Beach, California 203533471 Good time Returning from liberty in Sasebo, Japan, 1957, Not a very clear picture, but I wasn't very clear that night either. 121321014 Richard Greene Here I am at two. Who'd have thought? 121321016 Family Cathy,grand daughter Lorrin, .and myself. 151787221 Family Me and my wife Cathy. 151787222 Family Me and my dog, Lhasa Apso, Jackson 2012. 151787223 Family Me and my Lhasa Apso Jackson 2007, Denver Coloradol. 151787224 Family Me and grand son Chase during golf tournement. 151787225 Family Me and grand daughter Madison. 151787226 Family Me with grand daughter Lorrin, and grand son Chase 2011 Jr. Golf. 151787302 USS Belle Grove Well deck of the BG filled with troop transport tanks off the coast of Korea, 1959. 203533468 USS Belle Grove Debarkation troop transports off coast of Korea, 1959. 203533469 USS Belle Grove Debarkation of troops off coast of Korea 1959. 203533470 Picture taken of hole number seven at the Golf Course from out back yard in Portland Or, 2010 203533473 Picture of hole number six green, and hole seven from out back yard in Portland Or 2010 203533474 203533533