Joseph Samuel Greene Joseph Samuel Greene Pilot Certificate 1871 Joseph Samule Greene Sr Pilot Certificate dated August 1871. 73017336 Joe E & Henry Allen Greene Joe, Henry Allen Greene with friends at Carnival 73018678 Joe Edward Greene Joe Edward Greene at Carnival 73018680 Manhattan Restaurant Chicago Henry Allen, Louisa, Margaret and Joe E Greene 73020479 Henry Allen Greene Restaurant Henry Allen Green, Wife Louisa, Daughter Margaret and Joe E Greene in Chicago. 73018679 Marriage Certificate August 1888 Marriage Certificate of Joseph Samuel Greene Jr. and Louisa Clementine Chrisman 73019542 Lula Chrisman and Friend Louisa Clementine Chrisman and Friend after wedding to Joseph S. Greene Jr. 1888. 73020481 Joseph Samule Greene Jr. 1888 73032588 Joseph Samuel Green Jr. Pitcure taken 1947 in San Antonio, Tx 73020480 Ed and Bertha Greene 1927 Picture of Edward Lee Greene descendant of Chrisman and McAlexander and Berth Viola Bruning, descendant of Andrew Jackson Patterson. Photo taken in Parker Colorado. 73020906 Headstone 2007 Headstone for Joseph Samuel and Mary W. Greene placed at Oakland Cemetery, Shreveport, La by Richard Greene 2007 73023669 Oakland Cemetery Complete map showing the grave site of Joseph S Greene and the Yellow Fever Mound. 73173891 Oakland Cemetery Picture of a section of a map on the wall of the Oakland Cemetery showing the grave site of J.S. Greene Sr. Cemetery suffered a fire in 1945 and all records except this map were destroyed. 73032902 Oakland Cemetery Joseph Samuel Greene. Photo taken from edge of Willow Street looking toward Sprague St. Grave is about in center of picture and was taken prior to placement of headstone in 2007 73173892 Property Because everything was hand written, I typed this docuement making it easier to read. It is the sale of lot number two in Shreveport or 1600.00. 73173893 Property This is hand typed from the original document when Joseph and Mary purhcased two lots, and two grave sites in 1866. 73173894