Chrisman Family Chrisman Family 47 Alabama Infantry It is not known if James Riley is in this picture when it was taken at time of Reunion. 73015334 Louisa Clementine Chrisman Picture of Louisa and her best friend Lou Riley. Lula as she was fondly called would mary Joseph S Greene Jr. in 1888. 73020838 Chrisman Farm, New Site, Alabama Present day where house once stood. 73021991 Bible James Riley Chrisman's Bible 73021992 Headstone Headstone of Wm David Chrisman. James Heard is also named, both were victims of the Civil War. 73021993 Headstone Headstone of William R. Chrisman 73021994 Headstone-TOP Headstone of Elizabeth Blackstone Chrisman 73021995 Headstone-BOTTOM Headstone of Elizabeth Blackstone Chrisman 73021996 Headstone James Riley Chrisman Confederate Headstone located in Gums Springs Cemetary, Texas. 73022426 Son of James Riley & Mary Downs Chrisman Eldest son of James and Mary Chrisman, born while James was a POW in Elmira NY. Passed away in 1950. 73022427 Application for Confederate Pension After the death of James, Mary applied for his pension. Note the X for her signature. 73033662 Certificate of Assessor Document shows Mary was indigent having nothing of value. 73033663 Gum Springs Cemetery Listings James Riley and Mary Downs Chrisman. In the book, she is referred to a Matha as explained in the prolog of the book. 73033821